Jupiter IX

“Jupiter IX” is a science-fiction, stop-motion short (between 7-10 minutes). Starring a scarred man of little words riding a rusted space ship on an unspoken mission of revenge, the film is a mix of the classic, gritty Western with the epic size and tension of “2001: A Space Odyssey.” “Jupiter IX” will feature 6 animated puppets (both human and in-human), lip sync dialog, multiple sets, space ship and station models, digital visual effects, and a tense and haunting score. But we don’t just want to dazzle you with the film’s production; we’ll hit home with an emotionally strong and honest story. Whether heroic or evil, or how brief they appear on screen, you will be able connect with each of the different and creative characters.

Help support the Kickstarter campaign to fund Jupiter IX here!


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