Pre-Production Update #4: Searcher 5

Welcome to the second phase of pre-production! Or, more accurately, phase 1.5. I had planned to start storyboarding last week, until I remembered that I hadn’t locked down the design for Searcher 5, the Seeker’s space shuttle.

Searcher 5001

That’s the ship design from 2008. And yes, it is pretty awful, isn’t it? Turns out that sci-fi vehicle design isn’t really my forte, so I’ve got a massive amount of respect for designers that specialize in that area.

Searcher5002 Searcher5003

Here’s the final look. I approached the ship from the stand point that it should feel like a mix between a pickup truck and an RV, something that’s only really meant to transport 1 to 2 people. Also, just now I’m realizing that it’s a little reminiscent of “Wall-E,” which is fine, because that’s a spectacular film.

Now that Searcher 5 is on paper, I can start storyboarding tomorrow 🙂